Aug 15 – 19, 2022
Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics, Bonn
Europe/Berlin timezone


C. Culver: "Extracting the a1(1260) finite- volume spectrum with elongated lattices"

F. Romero: "Applications and developments of the relativistic three-particle formalism"

S. Sharpe: "Implementing the three-particle quantization condition for 2+1 systems: theoretical issues"

S. Kadam: "Path from lattice QCD to neutrinoless double-beta decay amplitude"

A. Hanlon: "Two- and Three-meson systems beyond s-wave from lattice QCD"

M. Garofalo: "Scattering from generalized lattice $\phi^4$ theory"

Z. Draper: "Extending the applicability of 3-particle quantization conditions"

S. Aoki: "Recent results in HAL QCD method"

J. Bulava: "The nucleon-pion scattering lengths from lattice QCD at $m_{p\i} = 200{\rm MeV}$"

C. Thomas: "DpiK scattering and charm meson resonances from lattice QCD"

F. Mueller: "Relativistic invariance of the NREFT three-particle quantization condition"

F. Lee: "Multihadron scattering in elongated boxes"

P. Shanahan: "Finite Volume Pionless Effective Field Theory for lattice QCD calculations of nuclei"

D. Wilson: "Resonances in coupled-channel scattering"

D. Severt: "Towards the finite-volume spectrum of the Roper resonance"

M. Döring: "Simple three-pion and kaon systems from lattice QCD"

W. Detmold: "Unresolving the NN controversy"

R. Briceño: "Long-range electroweak processes involving few-hadron states"

M. Hansen: "Extending the validity of Lüscher’s scattering formalism to the t-channel cut"

M. Ebert: "Non-perturbative range corrections and spurious poles in finite volume"

S. Elhatisari: "Lattice Effective Field Theory for Light and Medium-Mass Nuclei"

J. Lozano: "Resonance form factors from finite-volume correlation functions with the external field method"

P. Guo: "Particles interaction in artificial traps"

H. Wittig: "Hadronic interactions from lattice QCD with O(a) improved Wilson fermions"

A. Nogga: "Few body hypernuclei"


E. Epelbaum: "Two-nucleon scattering from finite-volume energies"