Aug 8 – 13, 2022
Hörsaalzentrum Poppelsdorf
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Evidence for a doubly charm tetraquark in $DD^*$ scattering

Aug 9, 2022, 2:00 PM
CP1-HSZ/0.010 (CP1-HSZ) - HS2 (CP1-HSZ)

CP1-HSZ/0.010 (CP1-HSZ) - HS2


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Oral Presentation Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions


Padmanath Madanagopalan (Helmholtz Institut Mainz)


Recently, a doubly charmed tetraquark $T_{cc}$ with flavor $cc\bar u\bar d$ just $0.36(4)~$MeV below $D^0D^{*+}$ threshold was discovered by the LHCb collaboration. We present the first lattice study of $DD^*$ scattering in this channel, involving rigorous determination of pole singularities in the related scattering amplitudes that point to the existence of $T_{cc}$. Working with a heavier than physical light quark mass, we find evidence for a shallow virtual bound state pole in the $DD^*$ scattering amplitude with $l=0$, which is likely related to $T_{cc}$.

Primary authors

Padmanath Madanagopalan (Helmholtz Institut Mainz) Sasa Prelovsek (University of Ljubljana, Jozef Stefan Institute)

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