Aug 8 – 13, 2022
Hörsaalzentrum Poppelsdorf
Europe/Berlin timezone

An update on RI/IMOM schemes

Aug 8, 2022, 5:50 PM
CP1-HSZ/1.002 (CP1-HSZ) - HS6 (CP1-HSZ)

CP1-HSZ/1.002 (CP1-HSZ) - HS6


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Oral Presentation Weak Decays and Matrix Elements Weak Decays and Matrix Elements


Nicolas Garron


We developed a strategy to implement RI/MOM schemes on quark bilinear and four-quark operators. In these schemes, the momentum transfer is not restricted to the exceptional point or to the symmetric point. In particular, we study the convergence of the perturbative series and the potential to reduce some systematic errors (discretisation and chiral symmetry breaking effects). In particular, we observe a notable reduction of the pseudo-Goldstone pole contributions which could lead to a significant improvement for the renormalisation of some four-quark operators.

Primary authors

Prof. John Gracey Dr Martin Gorbahn Nicolas Garron Dr Paul Rakow

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