Aug 8 – 13, 2022
Hörsaalzentrum Poppelsdorf
Europe/Berlin timezone

Simulation of self-dual U(1) lattice gauge theory with electric and magnetic matter

Aug 11, 2022, 9:00 AM
CP1-HSZ/1.001 (CP1-HSZ) - HS5 (CP1-HSZ)

CP1-HSZ/1.001 (CP1-HSZ) - HS5


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Oral Presentation Theoretical Developments and Applications beyond Particle Physics Theoretical Developments


Maria Anosova (University of Graz)


We study U(1) lattice field theory in the Villain formulation and couple electrically as well as magnetically charged bosonic matter. The system has a manifest self-duality that allows to establish a relation between the weak and strong coupling regimes. The complex action problem can be overcome with a worldline representation such that numerical simulations are possible. We study the spontaneous breaking of self-duality and present results for the phase diagram.

Primary authors

Christof Gattringer (FWF Austrian Science Fund) Maria Anosova (University of Graz) Nabil Iqbal (Durham University) Tin Sulejmanpasic (Durham University)

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