Aug 8 – 13, 2022
Hörsaalzentrum Poppelsdorf
Europe/Berlin timezone

General kinematics three-gluon vertex in Landau-gauge from quenched-lattice QCD

Aug 8, 2022, 2:00 PM
CP1-HSZ/1.001 (CP1-HSZ) - HS5 (CP1-HSZ)

CP1-HSZ/1.001 (CP1-HSZ) - HS5


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Oral Presentation Theoretical Developments and Applications beyond Particle Physics Theoretical Developments


Fernando Pinto Gómez (Universidad Pablo de Oliavide)


We report novel lattice QCD results for the three-gluon vertex from quenched lattice-QCD simulations. Using standard Wilson action, we have computed the three gluon vertex beyond the usual kinematic restriction to the symmetric (q² = r² = p²) and soft-gluon (p = 0) cases where it depends on a single momentum scale. We will present a detailed analysis of the asymmetric case (r² = q² ≠ p²) where the transversely projected vertex can be cast in terms of three independent tensors.
The lattice data show a clear dominance of the form-factor corresponding to the tree-level tensor.

For the general kinematical configuration (q² ≠ r² ≠ p²); we have computed the projection of the three-gluon vertex providing the relevant information on the ghost-gluon kernel-related function W(q²) that appears in the recently discussed smoking-gun signals of the Schwinger mechanism in QCD. This projection exhibits a striking scaling in terms of (q² + r² + p²)/2.

Primary authors

Dr Feliciano de Soto (University Pablo de Olavide) Fernando Pinto Gómez (Universidad Pablo de Oliavide) Prof. José Rodríguez-Quintero (University of Huelva)

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