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116th AGEF symposium: Triboelectrochemistry



Florian Hausen, Helmut Baltruschat (Inst. für Physikal. und Theoret. Chemie, Universität Bonn), Inhee Park (Uni Bonn)
Abstract submission
  • Ahmed Elshatla
  • Alain Pailleret
  • Alexander Bittner
  • Alexei Kornyshev
  • Alexei Kornyshev
  • Andreas Köllisch-Mirbach
  • Angela Bermudez
  • Angela Bermudez Castañeda
  • Astrid de Wijn
  • Astrid Southam
  • Aurora Guerrini
  • Bernardo Frontana-Uribe
  • Bernardo Frontana-Uribe
  • Bizan Nicolas Balzer
  • Bizan Nicolas Balzer
  • Caitlin Seed
  • Carl-Friedrich Hoppe
  • Carl-Friedrich Hoppe
  • Carlos Drummond
  • Chao Zhang
  • Chao Zhang
  • Chen Haina
  • Chen Xiao
  • Chen Xiao
  • Christian Rodenbücher
  • Christine Schille
  • Christopher Devik Fjeldstad
  • Da Xing
  • Felix Gunkel
  • Fernando Bresme
  • Florian Hausen
  • Florian Hausen
  • Franziska Kramer
  • Franziska Kramer
  • H. BBBB
  • Haakon Tvedt
  • Helmut Baltest
  • Helmut Baltruschat
  • Helmut Baltruschat
  • Hongyu Gao
  • Hua Li
  • Inhee Park
  • Jackson Uhryn
  • Jagadeesh Kumar Mannekote
  • Javier J Navarro Laboulais
  • Javier J Navarro Laboulais
  • Jie He
  • Johannes Laurin Hörmann
  • Joost Helsen
  • Jun Huang
  • Jun Huang
  • Katarzyna Skibinska
  • Katarzyna Skibinska
  • Kristin Gratzfeld
  • Laura Braunwarth
  • Mark Rutland
  • Martin Müser
  • Michael Rudolph
  • Michael Rudolph
  • Noshir Pesika
  • Patrick Elsaesser
  • Patrick Elsäßer
  • Philip Egberts
  • Qiwei Hu
  • Qiwei Hu
  • Roberto Troncoso
  • Roger Horn
  • Roger Horn
  • Roland Bennewitz
  • Roman Grimmig
  • Shahid Iqbal
  • Shaukat Ali lone
  • Shaukat Ali Lone
  • Shun Lu
  • Shun Lu
  • Steffen Witzleben
  • Steve Franklin
  • Steve Franklin
  • Susan Perkin
  • Thomas Mathias
  • Ting Wu
  • Wolfgang Schmickler
  • Xinxin Xiao
  • Xinxin Xiao
    • 3:00 PM
    • 3:30 PM
      Opening words

      H. Baltruschat

    • 1
      Triboelectrochemistry: An introduction based on experimental results
      Speaker: Florian Hausen
    • 2
      Ionic liquids at electrified interfaces and nanoconfinement: a road towards electrotuneable friction
      Speaker: Alexei Kornyshev (Imperial College London)
    • 3
      Impact of molecular structure on the electrotunable lubrication of ionic liquids
      Speaker: Fernando Bresme (Imperial College)
    • 4
      Effect of Hydration and Organic Solvent on Structure and Friction in Ionic Liquid Nanoscale Films
      Speaker: Prof. Michael Urbakh (School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University)
    • 5:55 PM
      Joint Discussion
    • 6:15 PM
    • 5
      The crucial role of charge fluctuations in dendrite growth
      Speaker: Wolfgang Schmickler (Ulm University)
    • 6
      Atomistic modeling of electron transfer: Toy-model studies from Thales's cat to Galvanic cells
      Speaker: Prof. Martin Müser (Saarland University)
    • 7
      Understanding Triboelectric Charging at the Molecular Scale: an Atomic Force Microscopy based Approach
      Speaker: Qiwei Hu (Institute of Physical Chemistry II, University of Freiburg)
    • 8
      AFM of wet viruses and wet virus models
      Speaker: Alexander Bittner
    • 10:50 AM
      Joint Discussion
    • 11:00 AM
    • 9
      Nanotribology of Ionic Liquids at Charged surfaces
      Speaker: Hua Li
    • 10
      Nanoscale analysis of the electrode/electrolyte interface in protic ionic liquids
      Speaker: Christian Rodenbücher
    • 11
      Ionic liquids under applied fields, at interfaces and under confinement: Forces, friction and tribotronics
      Speaker: Prof. Mark Rutland (KTH Royal Institute of Technology )
    • 12
      Atomic-scale friction study: Underpotential deposition (UPD) of silver on I-modified Au(111) in aprotic electrolyte
      Speaker: Inhee Park (Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Universität Bonn)
    • 1:10 PM
      Joint Discussion
    • 1:20 PM
    • 13
      Morphology, concentration, potential: Exploring tunable adsorption film friction with molecular dynamics
      Speaker: Johannes Laurin Hörmann (University of Freiburg)
    • 14
      Tribotronic control and cyclic voltammetry of platinum interfaces with metal oxide nanofluids
      Speaker: Caitlin Seed (North Carolina State University)
    • 15
      Friction force microscopy of shear planes at the electrochemical interface
      Speaker: Prof. Roland Bennewitz (INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials )
    • 16
      Friction at Au(111) during underpotential deposition (UPD): Effect of potential, normal load and the ionic adsorbate l
      Speaker: Prof. Helmut Baltruschat (Inst. für Physikal. und Theoret. Chemie, Universität Bonn)
    • 17
      Sulfate adsorption on Au(111) electrodes - Influence of the potential on the force distance curves
      Speaker: Andreas Köllisch-Mirbach (University of Bonn)
    • 4:05 PM
      Joint Discussion
    • 4:15 PM
    • 18
      Anomalous Potential-Dependent Friction on Au(111) Measured by AFM
      Speaker: Noshir Pesika (Tulane University)
    • 19
      The influence of corrosion on diamond-like carbon topography and friction at the nanoscale
      Speaker: Steve Franklin (ARCNL (Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography))
    • 20
      Tribocorrosion of Pipeline Steels used in Conventional Energy Extraction Processes
      Speaker: Prof. Philip Egberts (University of Calgary)
    • 6:05 PM
      Joint Discussion
    • 6:15 PM