Sep 22 – 24, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone


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116th  AGEF symposium: Triboelectrochemistry

22. to 24.September 2021  in  Bonn (Germany).

Venue: Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, 
             Wegelerstr. 12, D 53117 Bonn

Energy dissipation due to some sort of friction is the ultimate end where all mechanical energy (and, in a wider sense, also electric energy) finally goes. Therefore the knowledge on how to reduce friction, and the intelligent use of friction, may make a large contribution to our efforts in saving energy. Apart from the importance of friction on wet surfaces (which inherently are electrodes), electrochemistry also offers means to steer friction.

These aspects will be discussed at a small

Workshop on friction in electrochemical systems

with a focus on atomic scale mechanisms. Of course, related systems, such as the role of adsorbates in general, are also of interest.

Because of the unforeseeable Covid-19 situation, this will certainly be a hybrid workshop, although we hope that, due to decreasing number of infections expected in summer together with increasing number of vaccinations, the situation in September will allow us all to meet in person.  We have to be optimistic!

Confirmed invited speakers include:

Roland Bennewitz       Hua Li                       Mark W. Rutland
Fernando Bresme        Martin Müser         Wolfgang Schmickler    
Philip Egberts               Noshir S. Pesika     Michael Urbakh
Florian Hausen            Susan Perkin           Astrid de Wijn
Alexei Kornyshev 


We would be glad if you could participate! Further oral contributions are welcome.
Participation is free.

By the way, Bonn is a very nice and pleasant city, and has nice surroundings:

For all inquiries, please contact Helmut Baltruschat (

Astrid de Wijn, Florian Hausen, Michael Urbakh and Helmut Baltruschat