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HISKP Theory Seminar

Bao-Dong Sun: "Energy moment tensor form factors and densities et al."

Haupthaus/3rd-3.013 - Seminar Room II (HISKP)

Haupthaus/3rd-3.013 - Seminar Room II



Speaker: Bao-Dong Sun (HISKP)

Title: Energy moment tensor form factors and densities et al. 

Abstract: In this talk I will present our ChPT calculation on the energy moment tensor (EMT) form factors, i.e. gravitational form factors (GFFs), for spin 3/2 systems. The Fourier transforms of the GFFs are interpreted as the mass, spin, and mechanical (internal forces) distributions in the same line of reasoning that the electromagnetic (EM) form factors provide information on the charge and magnetization distributions. Finally, I will talk about our new definition of local spatial densities by using sharply localized one-particle states. The new definitions would overcome the drawbacks of the commonly used definitions in Breit frame. The coming electron-ion colliders (EIC-US and EicC in China) would provide ideal experimental (indirectly) measurements.