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HISKP Theory Seminar

Maral Salajegheh: "Determination of heavy mesons fragmentation functions"

Haupthaus/3rd-3.013 - Seminar Room II (HISKP)

Haupthaus/3rd-3.013 - Seminar Room II



Speaker: Maral Salajegheh (HISKP)

Title: Determination of heavy mesons fragmentation functions

Abstract: We present the extraction of heavy mesons fragmentation functions using a phenomenological approach. For the first time, we calculate non-perturbative fragmentation functions for B and D mesons at NNLO in the so-called zero-mass variable-flavour-number scheme in QCD.
We will also incorporate the effect of charmed-meson mass
corrections and determine D-meson fragmentation functions
by fitting LEP and SLD data. We present NNLO single-inclusive production cross sections in electron-positron annihilation and estimate the uncertainties by means of the Hessian approach. The comparison with other calculations is discussed as well.