Mar 20 – 24, 2023
Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics
Europe/Berlin timezone


Bethe Forum

Geometries and Special Functions for Physics and Mathematics

March 20 - 24, 2023

Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics, Wegelerstraße 10, 53115 Bonn (Germany)

The Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics organizes a workshop on "Geometries and Special Functions for Physics and Mathematics“ in the context of Feynman integrals. The incentive of this workshop is to bring together theoretical physicists and mathematicians, who are actively engaged in this rapidly developing subject and related areas. We envisage a light program with ample time for interactions and discussions with the workshop members and locals in Bonn. The main topics to be addressed during the workshop are (but are not limited to)

  • Cluster polylogarithms
  • Elliptic polylogarithms and associated functions
  • Calabi-Yau geometries
  • Single-valued periods & the double copy

We plan to dedicate one workshop day to each of the above topics and to have (at least) one talk by a mathematician and one by a physicist on each day.

Note that due to space limitations we can only select a limited number of applicants for this workshop.

Click here for a brief overview of the program.

Speakers Include:

  • James Drummond
  • Clément Dupont
  • Vladimir Fock
  • Dani Kaufman
  • Albrecht Klemm
  • Christoph Nega
  • Daniil Rudenko
  • Oliver Schlotterer
  • Leila Schneps
  • Duco van Straten
  • Masha Vlasenko
  • Stefan Weinzierl
  • Federico Zerbini


  • Claude Duhr
  • Herbert Gangl
  • Albrecht Klemm
  • Florian Loebbert