Nov 21 – 23, 2023
Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics
Europe/Berlin timezone


Frontiers in Nuclear Physics 
BCTP, Bonn, November 21-23, 2023 

Understanding strongly interacting matter is still one of the great 
challenges to the Standard Model. In the framework of the ERC AdG 
``EXOTIC'' we tackle three main lines of research, which are 

- Precision calculations of the nuclear drip lines 

- Strange nuclei and the nuclear equation of state 

- How fine-tuned is nucleosynthesis? 

The main tools are effective field theories for hadron and nuclei, 
as well as nuclear lattice effective field theory, which combines 
EFT and stochastic simulation methods. The workshop brings together 
researchers in the field of NLEFT as well as number of renowned 
nuclear theorists using different methods. 

The workshop will be centered above the aforementioned topics, 
featuring recent developments in the areas of methods, algorithms 
and physics results. It should serve as an intermediate review 
of the EXOTIC program after two years of funding and is intended 
to lay out the work to be done in the coming three years. 

Invited Speakers: 

  Lucas Bovermann (Bochum) 
  Serdar Elhatisari (Bonn) 
  Evgeny Epelbaum (Bochum) 
  Johann Haidenbauer (Jülich) 
  Hans-Werner Hammer (Darmstadt) 
  Fabian Hildenbrand (Jülich) 
  Hermann Krebs (Bochum) 
  Timo Lähde (Jülich) 
  Dean Lee (MSU/FRIB) 
  Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo (GSI/Darmstadt) 
  Bernard Metsch (Jülich) 
  Helen Meyer (Bonn) 
  Andreas Nogga (Jülich) 
  Zhengxue Ren (Jülich) 
  Avik Sarkar (Jülich) 
  Shihang Shen (Jülich) 
  Young-Ho Song (Daejeon) 
  Thomas Vonk (Bonn) 
  Hui Tong (Bonn) 
  Shuang Zhang (Jülich) 

Organizing Committee: 

  - Ulf-G. Meißner (Bonn/Jülich) 
  - Serdar Elhatisari (Bonn) 
  - Fabian Hildenbrand (Jülich)