Amplitudes Seminar

Conformal defects, correlators and Bootstrap constraints

by Gabriel Bliard (Humboldt University Berlin)

Wegelerstraße 10/2-2.019 - Seminar Room BCTP I (PI)

Wegelerstraße 10/2-2.019 - Seminar Room BCTP I



Conformal Field Theories hold a special place amongst QFTs, both for their omnipresence in physical theories and for their symmetries.  The insertion of defects in this setup makes for a richer, but no less relevant system.  Through this talk, I will explore the plethora of such theories and the methods to obtain meaningful results pertaining to their properties. I will introduce strong coupling computations of holographic defects, where results are tractable perturbatively (2204.01659). I will then show the power and limits of the analytic conformal bootstrap and finally motivate the search for additional input and constraints from integrated correlators and Yangian Symmetry. Using as an example the 1/2 BPS Wilson line defect in ABJM (2004.07849), I hope to convey the interest in using the interplay of perturbative and non-perturbative methods and constraints to study conformal defects.