Amplitudes Seminar

Color-kinematics duality and the double copy from homotopy algebras

by Christian Saemann (Heriot-Watt University)

Wegelerstraße 10/2.019 (PI) - Seminar Room BCTP I (PI)

Wegelerstraße 10/2.019 (PI) - Seminar Room BCTP I


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We start with a brief review of the homotopy-algebraic perspective on perturbative  quantum field theory. In this framework, both scattering amplitudes and field theory actions are seen as particular cyclic L∞-algebras, which puts them on equal footing. I then show that color-kinematics duality, a special symmetry of certain field theories, is captured by a homotopy algebraic refinement of these L∞-algebras. This refinement naturally arises on both twistor and pure spinor spaces, and these spaces can therefore be used as an organising principle for color-kinematics duality. This refinement also allows us to give a double copy prescription at the level of actions, and I will present a number of explicit examples.