Particle Physics Seminar

High Speed Links for High Energy Physics - Versatile Link+ and the lpGBT ASIC

by Stefan Biereigle (CERN)

Nußallee 12/1.049 (PI) - Conference Room II (PI)

Nußallee 12/1.049 (PI) - Conference Room II


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Radiation-tolerant, high-speed optoelectronic data transmission links are fundamental building blocks in large scale HEP detectors. The Versatile Link+ project primarily targets the Phase II upgrades of LHC experiments by providing them with a common solution for data links 
resistant up to tracker-grade radiation levels. 

This talk will introduce the project and its components. It will then focus on the architecture and application scenarios of the lpGBT ASIC, which provides the interface between the high-speed optical links and the electrical front-end links, as well as a variety of slow-control interfaces.


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Maike Hansen, Tatjana Lenz, Saime Gürbüz