Particle Physics Seminar

FTD Seminar: Fabricating and studying charge-tuneable van der Waalsheterostructures

by Andrea Bergschneider (uni-bonn)

Kreuzbergweg 24/0.052 (FTD) - Präsentationsraum (FTD)

Kreuzbergweg 24/0.052 (FTD) - Präsentationsraum


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Transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are a versatile platform for exploring quantum phenomena in semiconductors heterostructures. Thinned down to a monolayer, these materials feature robust excitons with exceptionally large binding energies and oscillator strength. TMD heterostructures offer control and manipulation the excitons as well as tunable doping. Hence, these systems allow for studying quantum optics and quantum many-body physics. We want to assess the possibility of using excitons for quantum computation. To this end, their nonlinearity may be enhanced by confining them in the lateral direction and implementing them inside a fiber-based microcavity.


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Michael Lupberger