Particle Physics Seminar

Precision Physics with Kaons and Beyond — NA62, HIKE & SHADOWS at CERN

by Rainer Wanke (U. Mainz)

Nußallee 12/1.049 (PI) - Conference Room II (PI)

Nußallee 12/1.049 (PI) - Conference Room II


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The NA62 experiment at CERN measures the ultra-rare decay K+ ➞ π+νν̄, which has a branching fraction of less than 10^-10 and is extremely sensitive to possible contributions from New Physics beyond the Standard Model. A first data-taking period yielded 20 candidates and the on-going run will reach about 100 K+ ➞ π+νν̄ events. The planned successor HIKE will further improve the precision and also measure rare K_L decays, while the planned SHADOWS experiment will use the same beam-line to search for feebly interacting new particles.

Organized by

Oleh Kivernyk, Tatjana Lenz