Bethe Colloquium

Saturons and their role in particle physics and cosmology [Exceptional time]

by Gia Dvali (LMU & MPI Munich)


``Saturons" are macroscopic objects that exhibit maximal micristate degeneracy within the validity of a given quantum  field theoretic description. Due to this feature, saturons and black holes belong to the same universality class with common key properties. However, as opposed to black holes, saturons can emerge in renormalizable gauge theories, in the form of solitons, baryons and other bound states. After reviewing the general properties of saturons, we discuss their potential  implication for particle physics and cosmology. In particular, saturons are interesting candidates for dark. Due to the maximal microstate entropy, the saturon dark matter can form as a result of a direct quantum transition from the radiation thermal bath. Correspondingly, it can provide a superheavy dark matter formed at very low temperatures.