HEP Theory Seminar

Exploring Beyond the Standard Model with Particles having Long Lifetimes [Exceptional Date]

by Rhitaja Sengupta (Bangalore, Indian Inst. Sci.)

Wegelerstraße 10/2.019 (PI) - Seminar Room BCTP I (PI)

Wegelerstraße 10/2.019 (PI) - Seminar Room BCTP I


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Our efforts to ensure that no hint of physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) eludes us, has led to the possibility of unusual and exotic signatures. One such scenario is of long-lived BSM particles (LLPs), which have recently attracted the attention of the HEP community. We discuss our studies exploring and addressing the various challenges faced from the very beginning at the triggering stage to dedicated search analyses. We also plan to discuss the multitude of new proposals and experiments coming up to explore the lifetime frontier.