HEP Theory Seminar

The effective track to new physics

by Gauthier Durieux (CERN)

Wegelerstraße 10/2.019 (PI) - Seminar Room BCTP I (PI)

Wegelerstraße 10/2.019 (PI) - Seminar Room BCTP I


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As collider physics is entering in earnest a new precision era, probing heavy new physics indirectly and systematically, by characterising interactions between known particles is becoming of acute interest. The corresponding effective-field-theory interpretations of the data are being refined at a steady pace by theorists, and progressively implemented by experimental collaborations. They would allow us to identify challenging patterns of new physics, hidden in mild deviations correlated across several observables. In this talk, I will cover recent developments in this effective-field-theory programme, with a particular emphasis on the application of amplitude techniques.